KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes September 2017

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“Order Numbers in Delivery Notes and Invoices”

Invoices and delivery notes will now show the order number which was assigned at the POS.

“Deactivating Products”

It is now possible to deactivate product in the back office without deleting them. When a product is deactivated it will not be possible to sell the product at the POS anymore.

“Deactivating Cashiers and Users”

It is now possible to deactivate cashiers and users. This will prevent cashier and users to use their login credentials without having to delete the record.

“Australian Dollars”

Australian Dollars are now available as standard currency.

“Customer Groups for Delivery Notes”

Delivery notes can now be assigned to customer groups. In addition, it is now possible to filter the delivery note list by customer group.

“Tag Filter for Organization Trend Report”

the organization trend report now has a tag filter which allows users to review organization trend for only certain product groups.

This update included a total of 108 improvements.