KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes September 2016

“Cloud Update”

“The update will be performed Sat 09/03/2016 10:00 PM PDT

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 2 hours.

“Join Wed 09/07/2016 10:00 AM PDT

Join our release webinar and see what new features we have added during the past 30 days.  You will also be able to ask questions.

“C160901 – Commissions”

For cashiers and organizational units it is now possible to track commissions through the revenue allocation accounts. For the evaluations we have added two new reports:

  • Employee Commissions
  • Team Commissions

“C160902 – Dashboard Widget for Order Recommendations”

The two widgets for order recommendations and short stocks have been merged into one widget to increase performance and usability. The new widget will only show the number of short stocks and allow the user to view the details by clicking the “detail” button. Here the user can also generate orders based on the order recommendations.

“C160903 – Tip Accounts”

In order to further automate tip management at the POS it is now possible to set a designated tip account for each point of sale. This feature is not available at the point of sale yet and therefore it will not change the behavior at the POS. However the enhancement is planned for the next POS release.

“C160904 – Import Cashier Role and Email”

The custom CSV import now has the option to import cashier roles and cashier email addresses.

“C160905 – Extended Permissions for Stock Management”

There is a new permission available for changing the product listing option. In addition setting reorder levels will now require the stock management permission.

“C160906 – Product Export”

The data exchange now offers a product export for CSV and Excel.

“C160907 – Simplified Customer Data Requirements”

Customer records no longer require users to set a first name. In addition it only requires a last name if there is not company name set. This allows users to track companies without assigning a specific person.

“C160908 – Open Order Request Widget”

The order request widget that was added in the August release has been enhanced. It now shows all open requests instead of only today’s requests.

“C160909 – Assistant for Correcting Expenses”

Most users have been there at some point. A stock receipt was created with wrong purchase prices by accident which caused the system to show wrong expenses. Now users can use the new assistant for making corrections.

“C160910 – Import Product Listing Option”

The custom import now allows you to set the product listing option. You can use 1 for listed and 0 for unlisted.

This update included a total of 135 improvements