KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes October 2017

“Release Webinar”

Join our release webinar.

“Merge Items for Collective Invoices”

Collective invoices can now merge items. In this case, products will only appear once on the invoice which makes invoices shorter and easier to read.

“Send Invoices”

“Assign Button Layout”

It is now possible to quickly assign a new button layout to a button. This feature has been available for products for some time now. However, now you can use the same feature for button layouts.

It is now possible to filter the product list by sub-products and sub-product selection tags.

“New User Permission for Warehouses”

KORONA now offers a permission to view warehouses to allow better control over employees. In addition, you can separately control via permissions whether a user can view product costs or on-hand quantities.

“Product Code Prices for Customer Orders”

If a product has been added to a customer order via a custom code its code price will now be applied and stored.

“Custom CSV/Excel: Deactivate Products and Label Texts”

It is now possible to deactivate products via the custom CSV import. In addition, it is now also possible to import custom label texts for products.

“Print Future Label”

KORONA now allows you to get ready for the future. Labels can now be printed with future prices.

“Deactivate Products via Mass-Editor”

The mass editor can now deactivate products.

“Totals in Hierarchical Commodity Group Report”

The hierarchical commodity group now shows totals on a separate line.

This update included a total of 292 improvements.