KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes June 2017

“Release Webinar”

“Join Tue 06/13/2017 3:00 PM PDT

“]Join our release webinar and see what new features we have added during the past 30 days.  You will also be able to ask questions.

“Number Ranges for External System Calls”

It is now possible to configure number ranges for external system calls. This allows you to trigger an external system directly when a certain barcode is scanned.

“Number Ranges for Sales Personnel”

In order to assign a sales person to a receipt, you can now use employee cards by configuring number ranges.

“Organizational Unit Filter for Product Performance Report”

The product performance report now has an organizational unit filter allowing users to filter results by store or region.

“Discount in Hierarchical Commodity Group Report”

The hierarchical commodity group report now also shows discounts.

“Barcode Selection for Price Labels”

It is now possible to select a specific barcode for price labels. This is particularly useful when it comes to barcodes with special prices or container barcodes.

“Delivery Date for Dispatch Notifications”

It is now possible to adjust the delivery date on dispatch notifications.

This update included a total of 143 improvements.