Copy Receipt

The Copy Receipt function can be used to copy the line items from a finalized receipt to a new receipt. This is commonly used to repeat a sale or for handling returns.


Create a new button with the POS function “Copy Receipt” in your receipt archive button layout.  You can find a full guide for creating buttons here: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration


To copy a receipt to a new transaction, go into your receipt archive and select the desired receipt by using selecting the receipt from a list or by entering in the receipt number. Once the receipt is selected you can use the copy receipt button which will create a new transaction with the same line items. Then you have the option to modify the receipt before closing the sale.


If you use the copy receipt functions for returns, follow the above steps to copy the receipt.  Then remove items from the transaction that you do not want to be returned so that only the returned items are left on the transaction. Then press the Return button which will turn the receipt into a return transaction.

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