Printing is deactivated but the POS still prints receipts.

The printer icon is gray, so printing is turned off, but some receipts still print:

Deactivating the printer from the POS is only for normal transactions. Reprints and voided transactions will print no matter what. When the receipt printing is disabled, automatic receipt printing will also occur in the following cases:

  • Balance
  • Reports
  • End of day
  • Cancelled receipts
  • Returns
  • If a promotion triggers a coupon (this can also happen even if the promotion is set for immediate discount in case the trigger applies but the discount can’t be applied)
  • Gift card transactions (only the balance remaining receipt for the gift card will be printed)
  • When the payment method forces printing (credit cards, gift cards)
  • If a production type is set up (kitchen, ticket or gift cards)
  • Clock in and Clock out slips from Time Tracking Entries