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Tips/Tipping Guide


Tipping can be setup 2 different ways depending on what is preferred. The first is by having a prompt on the credit card terminal asking if they would like to tip and the second way is to have a set up in korona with an account for your tips for dollar amount suggestions or percentages.

Prompting Tips On Credit Card Terminal

To get a prompt on your credit card terminal asking the customer’s if they would like to tip has to be activated on the credit card terminal itself. It can be enabled by your credit cards payment processor. If you need contact information for your processor, you can use this link to see if your processor’s contact information is listed.

Payment Processor Contact Info


Tip Adjustment In Korona

To set up this method of tipping in Korona you will need to login to your Korona cloud account and navigate to Settings>Accounts and create a deposit account named “Tips”. Then you will need to go to your button configurations and create a button and name it Tip Adjustment on the payment screen and add these functions in this order

  • Account – Tips
  • Payment method – Credit
  • Function – Adjust Payment

When you add these functions to the button you must update your POS before you can use it. Then when your ready, you can ring up transactions on your POS, print out the receipt and when the customer returns the receipt with the tip amount you go into your receipt archive, reopen the receipt, hit total and enter in the tip amount into the keypad and press your tip adjustment button. This will send the adjusted amount to the credit card terminal and process that adjusted tip amount.