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Product Code Quantity


Setting up product code quantities using is very handy in situations where a product is sold as a pack and as an individual.

Product Code Quantities (Different Barcodes)

First, select the product you would like to sell different quantities for and click Edit. On the following screen scroll down and locate the product code tab. Select +Add New Code. Once there scan or type the barcode Number and Quantity associated, and click Save.

For example, a cracker product is sold individually and per box of 5. We scanned the individual pack and added a quantity of 1 and scanned in the box with a quantity of 5.

Attaching Price to Code

If the bulk item price is equal to  ‘Single item price’ X ‘Quantity’ then there is no further set up. At this point, a simple retrieve master data is needed at the pos for the updates to apply.

However, if the price differs you will need to attach a specific price to that code. To do so scroll up and locate the Prices tab, Click on +Add New Price > Price with product code add.

Select the new bar-code you have just created and enter in a price, once done click Save. At the POS, retrieve master data is needed for the updates to reflect.