POS Trial Mode

The test mode in KORONA Studio and KORONA POS offers users a great deal of freedom to test the products extensively. We’ve even removed the time limit so that it can be tested for more than 30 days. In some cases, however, this led to the fact that (intentionally or not) a lot had already been cashed in during the test phase so that tax-relevant sales were deleted at the start of the live operation.

In order to remind users more actively of the test phase, there are some adjustments to the test phase with the introduction of the cash register version 1.75:

Reference text on the receipt:

A text field appears on the receipt during the test phase, which indicates that the document is not intended for live use.

Post-closing notification:

Furthermore, a message is displayed after the completion of each the transaction, so that the cashier is actively made aware of the test phase.

Limiting the number of transactions:

Lastly, the number of transactions per day is limited in the test phase to 30 per day. As soon as the limit is reached, the cashier is informed about this and can not complete any further transactions for this day.