Open Cash Drawer

The POS function Open Cash Drawer can be used to open the cash drawer at any time.

Please be aware that this function does not require any permissions or payments.  

*It is recommended to only provide a button with this function if frequent access to the cash drawer is needed without keeping records of the cash drawer access. You can also use it to test if the cash drawer setup was successful.

FAQ: Why isn’t my cash drawer opening?

The cash drawer and the receipt printer work in tandem. If one isn’t working, typically the other won’t work either. Check the following to troubleshoot:

  1. Check and make sure the cash drawer is plugged into the receipt printer and the receipt printer is connected to the POS. Verify your device setup under Settings > POS Profiles.
  1. Is the receipt printer on?
    Does it have receipt paper?
    Does the receipt printer feed paper when you hit the feed button?
    Are you able to print a test page from the printer?

    If any of the listed issues apply, correcting them could allow the cash drawer to work once more.
  1. Do you hear a click from the drawer when you try to pop it open?

    If so, the drawer is locked with the physical keys that came with the drawer. Unlock it and try again.
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