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Exclude Products From Commissions


“Excluding products from Commissions will help specify which products cashiers can and cannot gain a monetary bonus from selling.”

Excluding Products

First, we need to create a sector. Navigate to Settings>Sectors, click +New, give it a name, add the tax bracket you would like to use for that sector. In the top right of the screen of the sector there is the Allocation Cashier section. For more information on Revenue Allocation please review our Revenue Allocation Account Setup Manual Page


From there you can choose how much percent out of the product price under that sector will count as commissions. For excluding products purposes you would set that percentage to 0% and then click Save.


Now, go back to your product and inside the product screen under Sector, choose the one with the 0% Allocation Cashier and then save it. Once you retrieve the master data in the POS that product will be excluded from commissions.


(Note: if you are trying to delete a sector that is assigned it will prevent you from deleting it until the sector is removed from that product)