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Category Reporting


Delivery Note Summary (Report)

Delivery notes confirm delivery for an order without payment collected. The delivery note can then be invoiced and Multiple deliveries can be added to single invoices as well. For more information on performing these you can reference our Delivery Note manual page. The Delivery Note Summary report can be found under the Evaluations tab. If ...

Payment transactions

Shows an overview of all payment transactions for all or specified org units in a certain time frame, also lists the receipt numbers and the last 4 digits of the card used (If there was one). This report may be found under your evaluations tab, if you can not locate it there you will need to ...

Stock Return Rates

The Stock Return Rates report aids in showing visually what percentages of products are being returned to Suppliers and therefore not able to be sold. It compares sales to return rates and presents it as a graph so that you can see easily if a product is consistently faulty, or even worse, returned more than ...

Seller Revenue Report

This report works with the button function "Assign salesperson". This function assigns a seller to a specific item on the receipt without them also being the cashier. To learn more about button functions please refer to our Create POS Buttons/ Button function Configuration manual page. The report may be filtered by Org Unit, Commodity Group, ...

Franchise Revenue Report

The Franchise Revenue Report will be available to all users of the Korona.Franchise package. Without having any Franchisees you will not see a related Franchise Revenue Report. This Report is useful for determining how your various Franchise locations are performing in terms of sales. To view a franchise revenue report, navigate to Franchising > Revenue Report. This ...

Posting Journal

The Posting Journal will give you a break out by date showing Sales Totals by Payment Method, Account Type, and Sector. This report may be found under the Evaluations tab if you can not locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries. This report may be filtered by Organizational Unit and a specified Date ...

Difference Check

Checks for any errors occurring during cashier balances and allows for a manual completion of missing balance statements. For more on reviewing Balance statements you can refer to our Balance Statement manual here. To view the Difference Check report navigate to your Evaluations tab. If you don't see it there you will need to Edit Menu ...

Sales Price Report

The Sales Price Report will show you a list of Price information broken down by Commodity Groups or Products. It will only list products that have sold within the time range specified in the report. For help setting prices on products you can review our Product Creation manual page. The sales price report can be ...

Serial Number Report

The serial Number report lists any and all products with serial numbers and any relations with receipts. Ticketing Numbers will also be listed on this report as they are a type of serialization. For setting up Serial Numbers on products you can review our Serial Number Setup manual page. Start by navigating to Evaluations > Serial ...

Shelf Life Report

The Shelf Life Report is used when you are searching for products that have had a shelf life entered and you need to query what was assigned to it. This report may be found under the Evaluations tab if you can not locate it there please refer to our Edit Menu Entries manual page. This ...
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