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Gift Card Setup

Gift cards are a great way to not only increase revenue through sales but to increase your customer base as well. Korona features it's own fully featured gift card system that is not only easy to set up but easy to use. This page will guide you through setting up the gift card system. This ...

Pre-Authorization and Post-Authorization

Various types of businesses might want to be able to run a credit card tab for your customers as well as accept tips after the check has been closed. This is especially true if you are running a bar or a restaurant. If you want your customers to be able to apply tips using their ...

In Store Barcodes / Inclusive Price

There are certain barcodes that have the price embedded in them, for example you may sell products with a fixed price from the manufacturer, such as magazines or newspapers. Or you may sell products with a variable price depending on weight, length, etc. You can set up your Korona point of sale to deal with ...

Price Changeable / Discountable

Price Changeable is a setting within the products of Korona. They allow prices to be changed on a specific product when the cashier does not have the permission to change prices. Discountable is a setting which permits manual discounts, promotions, or price rules to be applied to this product. Making a Product Price Changeable To ...

External System Calls

External System Calls are functions that allow Korona to execute certain functions outside the scope of the software. You can have Korona call up a website, third party appointment booking site, or utilize a loyalty program with its own API. For information in regards to setting up your API with Korona, please visit our KORONA.pos ...

Number Ranges

Number ranges are an alternative method of performing functions at the terminal. With number ranges, you can program in a range or pattern, and when that pattern is run, Korona will perform that function. This is great for setting up scannable user id cards for time tracking or setting loyalty cards. Creating Number Ranges begin by ...

Payment Methods

Payment methods are the various ways customers pay for their products or services. The common methods are cash, check, credit or debit cards. Creating Payment Method Korona allows you to set up multiple payment methods as needed. It also offers the ability to customize the payment methods for your business needs. To access your payment ...

Creating Button Layouts from Tags

Creating button layouts using product tags is an excellent way to create buttons quickly, and efficiently. First, you will need to ensure that your products and product tags have already been created. To create products, please see the creating products manual page. To create the necessary tags, please visit our creating product tag manual pages. ...

Show MSRP on the Receipt

In order to make the customer aware of the savings compared to the MSRP, the offers the possibility to display this information on the receipt. Applying MSRP to Receipts In order to get the MSRP on the receipt, there are two points to consider: There must be MSRP prices on the item. To do ...

Time Tracking Entry Setup

Time Tracking Setup For setting up your time tracking entries navigate to Employees > Time Tracking Entities.  Here you can set up your different clock-in and out actions. Some common examples are Start Shift, End Shift, Start Break, End Break. Make sure that the right entities are set as paid time. In the examples above the ...
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