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Balance Statements

Balance statement shows an accumulation of balance statements, these statements can belong to a cashier, POS, or Org unit and they may be adjusted from the back office.  *Note: Balance statements are not to be confused with the end of day statements as those will always only belong to an Organizational Unit and will only indicate the end ...


Lists all sales receipts within a given time frame. Start by navigating to Sales > Receipts. You may Filter this page by Receipt type, Org. Unit, Point of Sale, Cashier, Product, Payment Method, Account, Customer Group, Customer, Info Text Filter, Price Changes, Z-Count, Date, Receipt Number, Gross Total on the receipt, and specific Info Text. You ...

Button Status

The button status highlights product buttons based on a chosen selected tag tied to the button status. The button status function type will allow you to select a specific tag and a color. Common scenarios are “highlight gluten-free products” or “highlight Vegan products”. Navigate to Settings > Button Configuration. From there you will need to ...

Balance Cashier

The Balance Cashier function allows the cashier to enter in the amount of cash at the end of shift and prints an end of day cashier report. To add the button to your screen please refer to our Create POS Buttons/Button Configurations manual page. At the POS, once the cashier has finished the shift, simply select ...

Assign salesperson (Button Function)

This function assigns a seller to a specific item on the receipt without them being the cashier. To use this function at the POS you must first create the button. To learn more about creating button function please refer to our Create POS Buttons/Buttons function Configuration manual page. At the POS select an item, enter ...

Messages (Online Function)

Allows for communication with an entire organizational unit or can target communication with an individual cashier. Creating Messages Navigate to Employees > Messages. Click New. On the following page fill in the Subject field. Choose a Recipient this could be either a cashier or an organizational unit. Next, set a Priority Status for your message your options are High, ...


It is entirely possible to use more than one currency when using Korona. This works great for shops that are located inside airports, or tourist gift shops. To Create or edit currencies navigate to your Settings > Currencies. Create a new currency by clicking on +New or you may select an existing one and click on Edit.  ...

POS Profiles

The POS profiles control how a certain point of sale device will function and connects other devices to it. To access the POS profiles please navigate to Settings > POS Profile. The Number field will auto-generate, fill in the Name field.  POS-Settings Cent Input: Automatically inputs cent amounts so no mistakes are made in prices. Require ...

Point of Sales

The "Points of Sales" are the physical devices you have on site and differ from "Point of Sale Profiles" as those profiles actually control the behavior of the targeted Point of sale. *Note: Customer display configuration is no longer available on this screen and has its own section under the Settings tab. If you can not locate ...

Gift Card Setup

Gift cards are a great way to not only increase revenue through sales but to increase your customer base as well. Korona features it's own fully featured gift card system that is not only easy to set up but easy to use. This page will guide you through setting up the gift card system. This ...
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