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Category Evaluation – Sales


Handheld Inventory Scanner App

The new inventory app allows you to process stock receipts, stock adjustments, store orders, dispatch notifications, count inventory or scan for product information. Logging Into The App First, you will need to initiate and load the app. You will be prompted with a login screen. Now login using your employee assigned login code, then you ...

Multiple Payment Type Tracking

You can track individual types of credit card types. This is helpful if you'd like to see all your card types in order to get a better sense of what your processing rates are for each.   Note: This is supported through Genius and Pax devices only. Genius Setup/Pax Setup First, you will need to ...

WooCommerce Integration Guide

Linking Accounts Note: There are an infinite number of plugins for WooCommerce, Korona cannot guarantee that our plugin works well with every other plugin, you may have to test, configure, and reconfigure on your own to get it to work with additional plugins. You can perform 10,000 API calls per API user per day. However, ...

Enabling Signature Capture from Customer

Selecting this option and activating it for the point of sale requires the customer to enter a signature on the customer display before processing a transaction.  E-Signatures or Digital Signatures To enable, navigate to Settings > POS Profiles, and under the field POS Settings there is a Capture Digital Signature option. Select the option and Save. ...

Digital Receipts

Selecting this option gives the customer the ability to receive a receipt via email. The customer simply scans a QR code and is redirected to enter in their email. Digital Receipts  Start by navigating to Settings > POS Profile. There is a field called Receipt with multiple options to choose from. Click on Digital Receipt and ...

Credit Card Consolidation (Report)

The credit card consolidation report gives an overview of credit cards and accounts used within a certain time frame and lists actual and expected profit margins.  Note that if you do not chose to Balance your Credit Payment method you will not see figures on this report. For more information on that, refer to our ...


Lists all sales receipts within a given time frame. Start by navigating to Sales > Receipts. You may Filter this page by Receipt type, Org. Unit, Point of Sale, Cashier, Product, Payment Method, Account, Customer Group, Customer, Info Text Filter, Price Changes, Z-Count, Date, Receipt Number, Gross Total on the receipt, and specific Info Text. You ...

Production Report

The Production Report gives a read out of the types of Production / Conversion receipts that have been performed during a given time. This can be helpful when determining case to single breakouts, or kit creation products. For information on setting this up on products you can refer to our Production / Conversion manual page. ...

Periods to Compare

Compares profits between two different times periods in an organizational unit.  This can be useful when determining for instance how last year's Halloween sales were compared to this years, or similar tasks to that.  This report can be located under the Evaluations tab, if you cannot locate it there you will need to Edit Menu ...

Payment Method Differences

Lists all pos balance reports for all payment methods during a specified time frame. This is used when you are trying to audit overages or shortages as compared to expected values for a certain period of time. This is based on data from balancing, for more information on that please refer to our Balancing the ...
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