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Category Data Import/Export


mapAds Widget

Adding the mapAds widget With our September 2021 release, our partner mapAds provides a new widget with which you can present your products online to customers in your immediate vicinity. To do this, mapAds uses the barcodes and prices of your products and makes them findable in Google search, on Facebook and Instagram and on ...

Data Imports (Minimum Import Requirements)

Importing product information and data is easy with Korona's built-in File Importer. This page will go over all the minimum requirements in order to import certain information into Korona. If you want to learn more about importing and what each category means please visit our Data Exchange (Custom Data Imports) Page.   Note: Recommended file ...

Customer Sales Report & Receipts

Customer sales report allows you to view all customer orders and their receipts for a specified date range and time. It lists the Customer Number and the date of the transaction. The Customer Name and the Organizational Unit they belong to, Receipts, Net Revenue and Gross Revenue are also listed. The report will also total ...

Data Exchange (Custom Data Imports)

Importing product information and data is easy with Korona's built-in File Importer. Importing and Exporting Custom Data Files with Korona. First, we need to make sure Korona is set up to import CSV or Excel files. Go to the data exchange panel by navigating to Settings > Data Exchange. Here, we will need to add ...

QuickBooks Integration

Connecting to QuickBooks Your Korona software has an integration with QuickBooks Online that makes it simple to balance your books. In just a few simple steps you can import your sales data, commodity groups, sales tax, payments, shortages, discounts, and inventory asset values. First, make sure you already have a QuickBooks Online account and log ...