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Products per Weekday

The Products per Weekday report provides a quick insight to the number of products sold per each day of the week. This can help determine which days are the busiest for your business and that can ultimately help when scheduling staff. The Products per Weekday Report can be found by navigating to the Evaluations tab. If you do ...

Info Text

Info texts are a great method of associating any type of text to any product for use at the register. Some scenarios are special warning messages or attaching text to a receipt or an item without a price. Creating Info Text First, you will need to navigate to Sales > Info Text. There you will need to ...

Mass Search and Edit Feature

Running a mass search can help save time dramatically especially when searching for products within the same group. Running a Mass Product Search To run a mass search of products please navigate to Inventory > Products. On the product page click the filter icon at the top right-hand corner. From here you can select which filters ...

Stock History

Stock History Report To view your Stock History report navigate to Evaluations > Stock History. A few Filters are listed for your selection. Select your Organizational unit, Product, and Date range. Once you have made the selections you would like the report to display click Update. On this page, the report will be listed on the right-hand side ...


Create Supplier To create a supplier navigate to Inventory > Suppliers. Click on +New and the create supplier page will launch. The number field self-generates but you can manually change it. Name the supplier and add any additional supplier information you may need, and then once you are done click Save. *Note: On the supplier you can now enter the delivery ...


Creating Customers (Back Office)  To create customers, start by navigating to Sales > Customers. On the Customers screen, there will be an overall count of customers you have created. Click on +New. You will be taken to the Create Customer page. Here you are required to, at minimum, enter the customer's last name and select a Customer ...


When taking and fulfilling customer orders, a method of invoicing is needed to collect payments. With the Korona Invoicing package, users have the ability to generate invoices manually, as well as from offers, delivery notes, customer orders and rentals  The menu for your invoices can be accessed by navigating to Invoicing > Invoices. Once you are on that screen, any ...

Manually batching PAX S300

You may want to manually batch your PAX S300 for a variety of reasons. It only takes a few steps. Batching your S300 Access your PAX Device’s administration menu by pressing Func + 1 together. When prompted, enter the password provided to you. Next, tap the button labeled "Host Settings". You will be prompted for ...

Receipt is getting cut off in Korona

If you load Korona on a tablet, the receipts prices may be cut off from the preview. This is because the display size of the fonts being set too high. To fix this, you will need to access your font size settings and decrease the size of your fonts. The following guide will take you ...

Organization Comparison

Korona offers you the ability to do a comparison of all the Organizational Units in your account. Viewing an Organization Comparison Report To view the comparison report, go to the Organizational Unit Overview screen. This is done by going to Settings > Organizational Units. Once there, click on the organization you wish to view the ...
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