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Create Supplier To create a supplier navigate to Inventory > Suppliers. Click on +New and the create supplier page will launch. the Number field self-generates but you can manually change it. Name the supplier and add any additional supplier information you may need. once done click Save. Applying Supplier to Products To apply a supplier to a product simply navigate to Inventory > ...


Creating Customers (Backoffice)  To create customers please navigate to Sales > Customers. On the Customers screen, an overall count of Customer that you have created will list. Click on +New. You will be taken to the create customers page. Please fill out all the necessary information for your customer and assign them to a Customer Group. Once you ...


When taking and fulfilling customer orders, a method of invoicing is needed to collect payments. With the Korona invoicing package, users have the ability to generate invoices manually, as well as from offers, delivery notes, customer orders and rentals  The menu for your invoices can be accessed by navigating to Invoicing > Invoices. Once you are on that screen, any paid ...

Manually batching PAX S300

You may want to manually batch your PAX S300 for a variety of reasons. It only takes a few steps. Batching your S300 Access your PAX Device’s administration menu by pressing Func + 1 together. When prompted, enter the password provided to you. Next, tap the button labeled "Host Settings". You will be prompted for ...

Receipt is getting cut off in Korona

If you load Korona on a tablet, the receipts prices may be cut off from the preview. This is because the display size of the fonts being set too high. To fix this, you will need to access your font size settings and decrease the size of your fonts. The following guide will take you ...

Organization Comparison

Korona offers you the ability to do a comparison of all the Organizational Units in your account. Viewing an Organization Comparison Report To view the comparison report, go to the Organizational Unit Overview screen. This is done by going to Settings > Organizational Units. Once there, click on the organization you wish to view the ...

PAX Communication Error

If the PAX has been working previously try performing the following steps before changing any settings: Retrieve Master Data/Restart the POS On screen 3 you should have 'Retrieve Master Data' and 'Restart POS' buttons. After you do both, cancel the first receipt. It's possible your PAX device changed IPs and this will enable the POS ...

Production Types “Print & Activate Tickets”

The Print & Activate Ticket production type is ideal for when you are selling your tickets to your customers. They can be printed and activated from the Point of Sale Terminal. Keep in mind, this has nothing with kitchen tickets. For that, you should use the production type "print" without the ticket activation. Creating and ...

Payment Methods

Payment methods are the various ways customers pay for their products or services. The common methods are cash, check, credit or debit cards. Creating Payment Method Korona allows you to set up multiple payment methods as needed. It also offers the ability to customize the payment methods to their business needs. To access your payment ...

Creating a Ticket / Ticket Definition

Ticket definitions are what makes any ticket valid. With Korona, you have a wide variety of parameters you can pick and choose from. Creating Ticket Definitions: Ticket definitions are not tickets but rather they are conditions, rules, and logic created for the tickets to function and be valid within Korona. Go to the ticket definition ...
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