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ABC Analysis

The Product ABC Analysis groups your products into three categories – A, B, and C – according to their share of your overall revenue. Products assigned to category 'A' have the biggest impact on your revenue (70%) and are reflected in green.  Products in category 'B' are reflected in yellow and have a 20% impact and 'C ...

Barcode Scanner Setup

Most USB barcode scanners will work out of the box when plugged into your terminal running Korona POS. There may be a few issues, though. Below is a short description of common retail barcode types, how to enable your scanner to read them and how to get the scanner to send the correct information to the ...

Epson TM Virtual Port Driver

How to install an Epson TM Printer using the virtual Port Driver Download Link for most Epson TMprinters: Download Link for TM-S9000MJ/TM-S2000MJ only: Download and install the Utility. Once the installation is finished, or after you start the utility, you'll see the following screen: If the System you are using has some actual physical COM-Ports, they'll ...

Delivery Note Lookup

Description: The POS Function Search Delivery Note allows you to look up a specific delivery note at the point of sale. You have the option to modify or close the delivery note. Configuration: The following article explains how to set up POS buttons: “Create or Edit POS Buttons” Select type “function” and “Search Delivery Note”. Use at the POS: Navigate ...

Production/Conversion Receipt

The Production/Conversion Receipt function is used to create production/conversion products at the point of sale.  A common scenario is gift baskets.  By creating a Production/Conversion Receipt, the system knows that you have less shelf items available for the gift basket content but instead have an increased quantity of gift baskets. Configuration: Create a button for ...

Trigger Production Types

Description: The POS function Trigger Production can be used to manually trigger certain production types like a gift card activation, kitchen print or ticket activation. Please keep in mind that some product types might not allow a manual trigger and require a payment first. You can review the production triggers under Settings > Production Types. Click ...

Assign Back Office Permissions

User Roles & Permissions  Most businesses let multiple people access their back office. Protecting it is important!  Even if you fully trust your employees they might not handle their login credentials with as much care as you do and they can still make mistakes while working in the back office. To limit risks we always recommend you restrict ...

Contact Support

Download the Windows remote support tool.If you are having issues opening Korona in order to activate remote support, or you need support in the cloud download and run this small file. Contact support with the ID and Password and we will be able to help you. Remote Support Our support team has you covered if the ...


The dashboard is your personal front page which you can customize to your needs. It provides a quick overview of important revenue data and quick access to common routines. The dashboard contains several widgets. Add widgets to your dashboard by using the drop-down menu in the top left corner. You can move dashboard widgets by dragging them to ...

Create Cashiers

To adjust cashier permissions and roles please visit our Manage Cashier Roles and Permissions manual page. Create Cashier In order to create new cashiers, navigate to Employees > Cashiers. Here you will find the list of cashiers for your organization.  You can create, edit or delete cashiers. Click the +New button to add a new cashier. Each ...
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