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Creating and Assigning Price Groups

Korona allows you to create and assign price groups. This is great for having separate prices for different customers as well as different stores. Creating Price Groups in the Back Office. Go to the Price Groups screen by navigating Sales > Price Groups. Once you are at this screen, click on the new button to ...

Creating Promotions

Creating Promotions in Korona Go to the promotions page by navigating to Promotions module on the left side, then select 'Couponing Promotions'. Here you can create new promotions or manage existing ones. To get started, click on New. This screen allows you to create promotions based off of a wide variety of parameters. To create your ...

Dashboard Widgets show “Permission Denied”

Widget Permission  If you do not see the widgets on the front page of the cloud, the permissions are missing and you do not have the right to display organizational units. If you are allowed to change user roles, you can simply set the right permissions under Employees > User Roles > Edit Roles > Settings ...

Commodity Group and Hierarchical Report

The Commodity Group Report gives you an overview of which of your commodity groups are involved in your sales. Commodity Group Report This report may be found under the Evaluations tab, if you can not locate it there you may need to edit your menu entries. You may Filter this report by Organizational Unit and Date. ...

Why is the displayed discount is different than what was entered?

How is it that the discount shown on the receipt is different from the actual entered value? The deviation, which is usually no more than one to four cents, is that the discount on the individual items must be divided evenly. Here a small example: You have three items on the receipt and give a receipt ...

Item Returns

KORONA.pos offers multiple ways to handle returns depending on the situation. By pressing the Return Page button, and scanning or entering the receipt number Adding items to a new receipt and using the Return button   Note* If the customer does not have a receipt and/ or do not remember exactly what was ordered than the receipt archive ...

ABC Analysis

The Product ABC Analysis groups your products into three categories – A, B, and C – according to their share of your overall revenue. Products assigned to category 'A' have the biggest impact on your revenue (70%) and are reflected in green.  Products in category 'B' are reflected in yellow and have a 20% impact and 'C ...

Barcode Scanner Setup

Most USB barcode scanners will work out of the box when plugged into your terminal running Korona POS. There may be a few issues, though. Below is a short description of common retail barcode types, how to enable your scanner to read them and how to get the scanner to send the correct information to the ...

Epson TM Virtual Port Driver

How to install an Epson TM Printer using the virtual Port Driver Download Link for most Epson TMprinters: Download Link for TM-S9000MJ/TM-S2000MJ only: Download and install the Utility. Once the installation is finished, or after you start the utility, you'll see the following screen: If the System you are using has some actual physical COM-Ports, they'll ...

Delivery Note Lookup

Description: The POS Function Search Delivery Note allows you to look up a specific delivery note at the point of sale. You have the option to modify or close the delivery note. Configuration: The following article explains how to set up POS buttons: “Create or Edit POS Buttons” Select type “function” and “Search Delivery Note”. Use at the POS: Navigate ...
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